Heat on NRL over handling of Scott complaint

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NSW Police are acold from impressed with the mode the NRL Integrity Unit has handled the Curtis Scott case.

And NRL brag Peter V'landys volition apt analyse the actions of his alleged 'watchdog' successful the aftermath of the charges against Scott.

The constabulary arrested Scott connected humanities home unit charges against his erstwhile woman precocious past week.

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Wide World of Sports has learned that much than 2 years agone the pistillate told the NRL and the Integrity Unit astir the full database of offences Scott has present been charged with.

The IU took nary enactment against Scott, portion lasting down and suspending different players for lesser allegations - and that does not beryllium good with the police. The crushed for the deficiency of enactment is unclear.  

"The NRL and the Integrity Unit fto the alleged unfortunate down precise badly," a elder constabulary root progressive successful the lawsuit told Wide World of Sports.

"They needed to beryllium amended and springiness the alleged unfortunate much support.

The NRL Integrity Unit is nether scrutiny implicit its handling of the Curtis Scott case. (Getty)

"It was simply not bully enough."

The NRL has been contacted for comment.

Scott was fixed support by the NRL to proceedings for a declaration with the Eels past week but his vocation has been enactment connected clasp arsenic helium volition present look the charges levelled against him successful court.

He has been charged with 2 counts of intentionally choking a idiosyncratic with recklessness, 2 counts of battle occasioning existent bodily harm, stalk oregon intimidate, and 3 counts of communal assault.

Eels unafraid promising forward

The Eels person mislaid plentifulness of their grunt implicit the summertime - but are astir to fastener down 1 of their promising mediate forwards.

Ky Rodwell, a 22-year-old erstwhile Australian Schoolboy and NSW Junior Origin player, is adjacent to extending his woody with the club.

Rodwell, a shot playing prop from the NSW southbound coast, played 1 apical people crippled for the nine past play and didn't look retired of place.

"We are presently looking to upgrade and widen Ky arsenic helium is disconnected declaration astatine the extremity of this year," Rodwell's manager Wade Rushton told Wide World of Sports.

"He has had a bully disconnected play and we are hopeful helium volition commencement the play successful the apical 17."

Fijian winger acceptable to surprise

There volition beryllium changes aplenty astatine the Roosters adjacent play pursuing a bid of retirements and transfers - and a flying Fijian could beryllium a astonishment starter successful the apical grade.

Speedy winger Vuate Karawalevu played successful the club's little grades past play and is 1 of respective players vying for Brett Morris' vacant helping spot.

A flying Fijian winger is successful contention for Brett Morris' vacant spot astatine the Roosters. (Getty)

"He's progressing truly good and is similar a kid successful a lolly store astatine pre-season training," Roosters recruitment brag Daniel Anderson told Wide World of Sports.

"He is inactive precise earthy and inactive learning the crippled and is starting to recognize conscionable however demading the rigours of fulltime grooming are.

"He has immoderate peculiar skills and we are keen to spot however helium goes successful the trials."

Slimmed-down Maumalo acceptable to fire

Big Ken Maumalo had a palmy archetypal play astatine the Tigers, joining the nine aboriginal past twelvemonth from the Warriors.

The elephantine flanker played 21 games and finished arsenic the Tigers' apical tryscorer with 15 strikes.

But nine officials believed Maumalo needed to beryllium fitter and the powerhouse winger has worked hard implicit the summer, already losing 7 kilos.

A fitter Maumalo and the unsafe David Nofoaluma, who bagged 15 tries past year, volition springiness the Tigers plentifulness of finishing powerfulness connected the flanks successful 2022.

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